Joining Phoenix Youth Theatre

Phoenix Youth Theatre offers an exciting theatrical experience to children aged 4-18 years, with age groups from 7-18 years represented in each of our classes on a quota system and specialist Junior Classes for the younger children.

In our experience with children, we have found that working in theatre arts builds confidence while teaching discipline, co-operation and teamwork. We do not aim to create superstars, but to induce a love and appreciation of the theatre and to develop skills which will aid our children throughout life. We have several former students who are now professional actors, singers or dancers, as well as more recent graduates attending drama and dance colleges throughout the UK.

Encompassed in the acting and drama courses are singing sessions with Kevin Haggart, Aberdeen’s foremost Musical Director. To children who attend our Theatre classes, we also offer Stage Dance classes with our dance specialist, Claire Chernouski, who covers all styles of stage dance for both boys and girls, but without the formality of leotards, ballet shoes and bun nets!

The emphasis during each class is fun, which, along with hard work, produces the quality of productions for which Phoenix is famous.

Phoenix Youth Theatre will encourage the quiet child to develop confidence and the lively child to cultivate composure, all while having a thoroughly enjoyable time!

If you are interested in joining Phoenix Youth Theatre, please contact us and we will send you a prospectus and an application form.