Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are based on the most common email queries to us. If your question isn't answered here, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to help.

Where are you located?

We rehearse and hold the drama classes in Ferryhill Church, Aberdeen. Our productions normally take place at the Aberdeen Arts Centre and His Majesty's Theatre.

Is there a membership fee for Phoenix Theatre?

We don't charge a membership fee nor do we charge for costumes / script hire, etc. However, you will be expected to sell tickets for the show - generally a quota of 20 tickets. We will give you lots of help in selling these, but bear in mind that you only need to find 10 people who want to come, as people generally don't go to the theatre alone. We have found that organising large groups of friends / work colleagues / mums at the school gate is the easiest way to sell your quota.

Are Phoenix Theatre or Phoenix Youth Theatre on social media? Where can I find you?

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for regular updates, news and photos; look through our entire photo catalogue on Flickr; and watch select performances and behind the scenes videos on our YouTube channel.

What is the age range of Phoenix Theatre?

We pride ourselves on the mixed make-up of Phoenix Theatre. Our company is made up of men and women, young and 'not-so-young', generally ranging from 18 to 60 years old.

When do Phoenix Theatre rehearse?

Phoenix Theatre's main rehearsal time is on Sunday afternoons between 2-5pm at Ferryhill Church. We also rehearse, especially as we get nearer to the week of the show, on Monday and Wednesday evenings between 7-10pm. You would be expected to be available for rehearsal on these days, however you would not be called if you are not required.

What time are Phoenix Youth classes?

Our classes are held on Saturdays at the following times - 9:45am, 11:15am, 1:15pm and 2:45pm. There is also a class on Tuesdays at 4:15pm. Each class lasts an hour and a half. Our Junior Class is held at 11:15am on a Saturday and lasts 45 minutes.

Where can I buy tickets for your shows?

By contacting Phoenix directly at Alternatively, you can contact the Aberdeen Box Office. An important point to note is that the Box Office does not hold the full allocation of tickets. If the website says the show is sold out, please contact us directly.

Can I advertise my business in your show programmes?

Yes, we would be delighted to help by having your advert seen by the many hundreds of people who come to see our shows. Please contact us directly for more information.

Can I help out backstage at one of your productions?

At Phoenix, we have a great group of people who help us out backstage at our shows. Nevertheless, if you have a talent to offer and we can use your particular skills, we'd be more than happy to hear from you.

Are you looking for anyone to join your Production Team (i.e. director/choreographer, etc.)?

No thanks, we have a great production team already!

Can I volunteer or do work experience with you?

Sorry, but we already cater to large numbers of students from within Phoenix Youth Theatre seeking such experience.