Guys & Dolls (June 2004)

Aberdeen Arts Centre

Phoenix Youth can't wait to hit the Arts Centre stage again, this time with Frank Loesser's sparkling musical comedy and everyone's favourite "Guys & Dolls".

The show opens in Runyonland: a comic-book Times Square where cops, con men, gamblers, girls, tourists, touts and Salvation Army types parade. Nathan Detroit, who operates a highly illegal dice game, is feeling the heat from Lieutenant Brannigan of the New York Police Department and needs to raise $1000 to keep his floating crap game afloat. Nathan lays a bet with the dashing gambler Sky Masterson that he cannot take Sergeant Sarah Brown of the Save-a Soul Mission with him on a trip to Havana, Cuba. Meanwhile, Nathan keeps jilting Miss Adelaide, the nightclub chantoosie, to whom he has been engaged for 14 years, giving her a fierce case of psychosomatic sniffles.

After a series of comic complications, Nathan gets his game, Sky comes down to earth, Sarah saves a soul, Adelaide gets rid of her cold and they all live happily ever after.

I'll lay you eight to five it'll make you very happy!

...anything Phoenix Theatre can do, their younger counterparts can do just as well...
— Evening Express