The Pajama Game (June 2014)

Aberdeen Arts Centre

Phoenix Youth Theatre ask you to hurry up and come on down to the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory for an exciting evening with this classic musical.

A strike is imminent at the factory, where the workers churn out pajamas at break-neck speed. The Union, led by Prez, is seeking a wage raise of 7½ cents an hour, and is supported by Babe Williams, who is head of the Union’s Grievance Committee. In the middle of this, a new superintendent, Sid Sorokin, has come from out of town to work in the factory. Sid and Babe are in opposite camps, yet romantic interest is sparked at their first encounter.

Featuring the classic songs ‘Hey There’, ‘Once-A-Year-Day’, ‘Hernando’s Hideaway’, ‘There Once Was a Man’ and ‘Steam Heat’, this sizzling production of The Pajama Game is not to be missed!

...Phoenix Theatre’s stunning Pajama Game certainly won’t send anyone to sleep...
— Evening Express

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Phoenix Youth Theatre’s The Pajama Game (2014)